Meditation Videos

Melodie has several guided meditation videos available on YouTube. 

Information Security & IT Policies

Since 2013 Melodie has been writing Information Security and IT policies for a large (over 250,000 employees and contractors) silicon valley healthcare company.  


Because of the nature of these policies, no samples are available.  


She had 32 IT articles published online at Ziff Davis via Studio B. Her LinkedIn profile has the complete list of IT articles with links:   

Here's an online article on 10 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions over at Ezine Articles that was published on 14 Jan 2014. This one is focused on self hypnosis.

List of print technical articles from before the time when everything was published on the Internet.

Melodie is a published author and her books are available on Amazon. These books, like the other websites and blogs, are not technical and address spiritual subject matter. Author page

Websites & Blogs
Besides the one you're looking at, Melodie maintains other websites and blogs. These are totally NOT technical in nature but are spiritually oriented.

     Luna Wellness Center, LLC (website)
     Luna Wellness blog (blog)

She's also routinely maintained several websites for various clients.

Before and After editing example of a memorandum. Sensitive information has been redacted from the example.

Melodie has a long history of writing, editing, and publishing newsletters that goes back to 1993 when she took over her HOA neighborhood newsletter, kicked it up and notch and made it more "professional."

A couple of years later she was a staff writer on an award-winning newsletter while working in technology transfer.

Newsletter samples are available on request.

High-Level Overview
An example of a 50,000 foot overview of a network architecture (with sensitive details redacted of course) is available on request. This type of document is written for senior management personnel who do not have much technical depth.

This sample is available on request and sensitive information has been redacted.

Most technical writing is procedure or "how to" oriented, and it is not unusual in large companies to have the procedure writer also draft the policy if there is no existing policy. Often, those writing the procedures are the first to identify the need for a new policy, when the new procedure gets to the point of stating policy. (A big no-no because they have two distinct purposes.)  

These samples are available on request and sensitive information has been redacted.

Training Videos (short example)
This computer based training video is available on request. Melodie created it using Adobe Captivate. She also did the voice-over and editing. The Flash file is about 6 minutes long. 

(Page still in progress. Links coming.)

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