Yes, Melodie's been published in several types of media. She received her first byline in the mid 90s writing about technology transfer from declassified BMDO technologies - the old "star wars" technologies, published a book in 2012, and her most recent IT articles were published in 2014.


What do clients say?


  • "Kaiser loves you! If you don't believe me, call MichaelM and ask him!"
          — CEO/President of ITmPowered, Inc.


[Note: This Kaiser boss was three (3) bosses up my KP chain in the Risk Management group. She worked on some extremely large and complex spreadsheets for him that contained all of the regulations and industry standards that applied to them as both a healthcare provider and insurer in 8 different states. ]

  • "Productive!" 
         — Director, Business Operations, Kaiser Permanente


  • "Melodie's done an outstanding job since taking over and I'm thinking of having her write all the recommendations for awards!" 
         — DMInc Executive VP, Civilian Division

    [Note: This refers to her management / supervisory abilities as well as her writing skill.] 

  • "The Union loved the training plan! In fact, they've made it the standard for all Agencies. That's the quality of the work she [Melodie] produces." 
         — IT Center Chief, MSHA

    [Note: The training plan was a detailed class outline and syllabus for two, three-hour virtual training sessions covering the migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Office 2003 to Office 2010 at the same time. Quite a jump for those who didn't already have the upgrades at home!] 

  • "FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work!" 
         — IT Center Chief, MSHA 


  • "Trusted to deliver well beyond expectations, and does it willingly, exceptionally, and consistently." 
         — PM, DMI


  • "Strong contributor to technical discussions and is willing to get in the mix of areas that benefit the conversation and to contribute to the problem solving that occurs on a daily basis." 
         — PM, DMI


  • "Superwoman!"
         — Network Operations Division Chief, MSHA


  • "Superlative efforts!" 
         — PM, Digital Management, Inc.


  • "Delivers excellence." 
         — PM, Digital Management, Inc.


  • "You gestate . . . then all of these things pop out at the same time!" 
         — Director of Outreach, NTTC Washington Ops 

    [Note: The "things" referred to were newsletter features and articles, backgrounders, and long, involved, detailed database entries on each technology covered. I find grouping like items (if they're on the same technology or subject matter) to be extremely efficient and effective. ]

  • Recognized for "attention to detail, relating cross-project issues, problem analysis, customer service orientation," and "coordinating difficult technical groups."  
         — VP Regulatory Services, JSC 

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