Melodie's an analyst, author, editor, and writer. She writes for several industries and in several forms, including high tech, spiritual, gardening, herbology, natural health and beauty, rural living aka living close to the land, hypnotherapy / hypnosis, and energy healing. Her interests are eclectic. :) 


She worked in the environmental field for several years before moving into technology transfer. She wrote for an award-winning newsletter, spoke at conferences, and wrote several targeted reports.


The biggest lesson she learned working in a journalism environment is that the editing begins with which stories are covered and which ones are not. The second biggest lesson was that you can't believe the marketing because they usually haven't checked with the engineers! ;)


Melodie holds a Doctorate of Divinity (DDiv) and ordination from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary, and a BS in Biology (ecology concentration) with a minor in Chemistry from Old Dominion University. She's also a wholistic wellness and spiritual ascension coach and has a very active Facebook group of about 5,000 like-minded souls that she guides. She holds state registration as a psychotherapist (hypnotherapist) and several hypnotherapy and hypnotist certifications as well as several energy healing master teacher certifications. She's been a guide and consultant in one form or another for her entire career.  She has often described herself as "walking between worlds."  

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